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Create a Predictable Operating Environment

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Since 1999, diesel costs have increased 150%, compared to 38% for electricity. The fuel mix for electrical power in the U.S. can change depending on supply and price fluctuations; therefore, electricity’s ability to substitute different fuel sources allows for increased reliability. Electricity is also more fuel efficient than diesel and creates a notably lower carbon footprint (even when compared to CNG).

The Proterra EcoRide™ is the most fuel-efficient bus on the road and offers the lowest carbon footprint of any bus on the road.

  • $750,000 in fuel savings vs. diesel over 16-year life cycle
  • 44% less carbon than CNG
  • 87,000 lb carbon savings annually vs. CNG
  • Eliminates volatility of fossil fuel prices

The Best Total Cost of Ownership in the Industry

The Proterra EcoRide™ offers the best total cost of ownership in transportation. Here’s proof:

  • 24% savings in Total Cost of Ownership annually vs. diesel
  • $130,000 in maintenance savings vs. hybrid over 16-year life cycle
  • Seats more passengers than any bus in its class

Immediate EV Technology Benefits

You don’t have to wait years, months or even weeks to benefit from Proterra’s advanced EV technology. The results are immediate:

  • 21+ MPG (Diesel BTU Equivalent)
  • Fully charges in under 10 minutes
  • 300+ miles per day, 30+ miles per charge
  • Automatic connection to FastFill™ Charging Station