Proterraregistered ZX5 Buses Are Proudly Designed And Built In The U.S.A. by American Workers

Proterra has embraced the U.S. Department of Transportation’s vision for an infrastructure model that prioritizes domestic job growth and technological innovation. We source more than 75 percent of the materials that make up Proterraregistered vehicles right here in the United States. We’re committed to strengthening the U.S. transit industry and creating jobs here at home through domestic manufacturing.

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GSA Approved

The U.S. federal government has made sustainability a top priority to meet its responsibilities to the American people and to reduce the government’s environmental and fiscal footprints. As part of this priority, the General Services Administration (GSA) has committed to greening the federal fleet and working with businesses to make clean, quiet transportation readily available and affordable to partner agencies. Citing Proterra for its innovative technologies and best practices, the Proterra ZX5 is GSA approved for federal purchases.

Buy America 2019

The Buy America Act

Issued in 1983, the Buy America Act is a provision of the US Surface Transportation Assistance Act that works to maximize the economic benefits of domestic infrastructure investment. The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) only considers funding requests that comply with Buy America regulations.