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From Honolulu to New York, airports across the country are making the shift to 100% electric bus fleets with Proterra. The Proterraregistered ZX5 vehicle outperforms other bus technologies in every major performance category — efficiency, acceleration, and passenger-carrying power — with the greatest range of any battery-powered bus on the market. More economical over the lifetime of the vehicle, the Proterra ZX5 is enabling a transit revolution.

Making Electric Easier

At Proterra, we’ll work with you to identify the grant, loan or financing program that best meets your budget needs. Our team is here to find the right combination of financing tools that map to your procurement plans.

Financing And Fund Options Airports

Financing Options

100% Cash Purchase

Utilize grants and local funding sources to purchase a Proterra bus outright.

50% FAA ZEV Grant

Partner with Proterra on a grant application to fund up to 50% of vehicle + infrastructure costs.

Battery Lease

A Proterra Battery Lease enables you to tap into your operational/fuel budget and reduce capital expense. Proterra is responsible for battery performance, removing operator risk.

Leasing Options

Municipal Capital Lease

A low-cost financing tool for local governments with investment-grade credits, enabling you to own the bus at the end of the lease.

Operating Lease

Pay for the use of a bus over time, with the option to permanently transition the bus into your fleet.

Pay Per Use

Pay for the use of your Proterra bus per hour, similar to Third Party Operator model.

Partner With Proterra For FAA Funding

FAA grant funding may be available for your electric bus procurement.  Airports who have partnered with Proterra for FAA Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) funds have won the most awards to date, with over $7.5 MM USD awarded.

  • Over $16 million ZEV grant funds were awarded to airports from 2015 through 2019
  • ZEV grant awards can pay for up to 90% of the cost of electric buses and charging infrastructure
  • Zero-risk FAA application process

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