Electric School Buses for District Fleets

With predictable routes and low daily mileage, school buses are perfectly suited for electrification. That’s why Proterra Powered is partnering with school bus manufacturers to electrify their vehicles with industry-leading battery packs, creating a 100% battery-electric school bus designed to meet the needs of school districts throughout North America. Revolutionary electric school buses powered by Proterra release no tailpipe emissions, which means cleaner, healthier air for students and the entire community.

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H Series H1 Battery Pack - 1 (Square)

The Battery

Proterra Powered provides safe and reliable battery packs to create zero-emission electric vehicles designed to meet the needs of school bus fleets. The best option for electric school buses, the Proterra H Series (H1-15) battery pack allows for ease of vehicle design and maximizes space by being installed between the vehicle frame rails. In addition, the battery’s compact, versatile design enables industry-leading energy density, which maximizes driving range for school bus fleets.

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Tech Features


  • Active thermal management software enables optimal charging and operation
  • Energy reserve dynamically adjusts over time for maximum performance
  • Sensors throughout battery pack deliver continuous monitoring and diagnostics


  • Strong and ruggedized battery materials withstand toughest conditions
  • Battery architecture features built-in safety mechanisms
  • Rigorous vehicle testing and validation programs ensure highest standards of safety


  • Compact battery design facilitates industry-leading energy density
  • Efficient energy storage enables record-breaking range capabilities
  • Consistent temperature control maximizes battery life in any climate
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Proterra Powered Vehicles

Charging Solutions

Proterra Energy offers turn-key DC charging solutions with V2G capabilities and industry-standard technology. These powerful charging systems seamlessly connect with electric school buses and other vehicles on campus or in the community.

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