School Bus Fleets Are Going Electric

With predictable routes and low daily mileage, school buses are perfectly suited for electrification. Proterra has partnered with Daimler’s Thomas Built Buses to electrify their most popular vehicle, creating a 100% battery-electric bus designed to meet the needs of school bus fleets. This revolutionary electric school bus has no tailpipe emissions, which means cleaner, healthier air for students and the entire community.

The Saf-T-Linerregistered C2 Jouley

The Saf-T-Linerregistered C2 Jouley electric school bus powered by Proterraregistered electric vehicle technology brings proven battery and drivetrain technologies to the North American school bus market, the next frontier for zero-emission commercial fleets.

  • Zero Emissions
  • Greater Efficiency
  • Lower Operating Costs
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Energy Services

Smarter Charging For Electric School Buses

Transitioning your fleet to battery-electric technology introduces a new set of challenges that go well beyond the vehicles. Proterra Energy™ fleet solutions offer a turn-key approach to delivering the complete energy ecosystem for electric fleets, including design, build, financing, operations, maintenance and energy optimization.

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Looking to electrify your school bus fleet?