Clean, Quiet Transportation On Campus

Proterra helps universities and colleges save on operating costs and meet environmental goals with zero-emission battery-electric buses that are clean, quiet and efficient. Communities across North America have already put these high-performance buses to the test through 20+ million service miles. Designed from the start as an exclusively electric vehicle, the ZX5 electric bus delivers exceptional route flexibility and proven operational performance, with the greatest range of any zero-emission, battery-electric bus in its class.

Environmental & Community Benefits

A Proterra ZX5 bus is 100% electric, emitting zero tailpipe emissions or pollutants – reducing CO2 emissions by approximately 230,000 lbs. annually per diesel vehicle replaced.

Particulate matter from traditional transit buses contains numerous harmful gases and upwards of 40 cancer-causing substances.

A switch to zero-emission buses presents a critical opportunity to cut pollution, reduce oil dependence and create healthier communities.

Universities Across North America Are Going Electric