Introducing Our New President of Proterra Transit

Dear Proterra Customers, Partners, and Friends:

Growing up in a small town outside Sacramento, I spent much of my childhood camping, fishing, and skiing in the Sierra Nevada mountains. These are some of my fondest memories and the experience of enjoying nature is something I want my kids and their kids to have, as well.

It’s this experience that drove me to take action to help preserve and protect these special places.

This work has never been more important. Transportation remains one of the leading sources of air pollution and damaging emissions.

For me, electrifying transportation is personal.

This is my passion and it’s why I’m so excited to step into my new role as President of Proterra Transit.

A little over five years ago, I came to Proterra as the company’s Chief Operating Officer. Back then, the question many were asking was whether the transit market would fully embrace electrification. Fast forward to today and that question has been answered. The transition is underway.

Delivering clean, quiet transportation is an opportunity to meet the needs of our communities while protecting our environment and public health, particularly for those who are most at risk from the threats of pollution.

With more than 130 Proterra customers and 700 electric transit vehicles on the road, we’re proud to help public transit agencies lead the transition to electrification.

The close relationships that we’ve enjoyed with our customers over the past decade have guided our innovations. We’re now on our fifth-generation electric transit bus, powered by our industry-leading battery systems that we manufacture in California.

In just the past few weeks, we’ve celebrated the deployment of this latest technology in places like Broward County, Florida and Raleigh, North Carolina, and even on the campus of Texas A&M University.

The road to the future of zero-emission transportation begins with public transit and the time is now.

I’m excited to join you all in this journey – our customers, friends, and the communities we serve – as we work towards our collective goal of clean, healthy communities driven by zero-emission transportation.

Josh Ensign
President of Proterra Transit