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Recharging Our Mission in 2024

Every day at Proterra, we’re making change happen. From our Silicon Valley Innovation Center to our Powered 1 Gigafactory in South Carolina, our mission is to build innovative battery technology to power a better, more sustainable world.

Today, as a stand-alone business owned by Volvo Group, we are stronger and more determined to fulfill our critical mission. That’s why our focus is crystal clear: recharging our company in 2024 to deliver the world’s premier batteries and service for commercial electric vehicles.

We’re open for business, and charging forward

Communities, fleet operators, vehicle and equipment manufacturers are moving towards zero-emissions. But they can’t do it alone.

We build premium battery products that commercial vehicle and equipment manufacturers want and need. We’ve already delivered Proterra batteries for more than 2,000 vehicles around the world, and our collaborations with OEMs globally are only the beginning.

We’re open for business across the commercial vehicle and equipment market and stand ready to further the electrification of a diverse range of applications and markets, including commercial transportation, port handling, construction and mining industries.

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Delivering with excellence for our customers

Commercial vehicles are the backbone of the economy, relied upon to deliver goods and transport people safely and efficiently. Customers demand performance, quality and reliability in their vehicles, they deserve nothing less from their battery technology partner.

We’re ramping up our manufacturing scale and operations to meet the demand for our premier battery technology, empowering us to fulfill our ambitious mission and deliver with excellence for our customers.

Leadership in innovation

Proterra is a technology leader in our industry. Innovated by our world-class team of engineers, we know that advancing battery technology and availability is paramount to ensuring an all-electric, emissions-free future. Since 2017, we have pioneered five generations of commercial batteries. Our battery platform sets the gold standard in energy density, durability, performance and safety; and we’re just getting started.

As we chart the next chapter of Proterra’s journey, we invite you to join us.

If you’re as excited about this future as we are, come meet us at the Advanced Clean Transportation Expo in Las Vegas from May 20 to May 23. Swing by our booth #3917, meet our passionate team, and see firsthand how our battery technology shaping a future that’s All Electric. No Emissions. For the Earth.

Christopher Bailey

Acting Chief Executive Officer

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