Electrifying Moments: Year in Review 2022

As we wrap up a thrilling year for electric vehicles, what better time to look back on some of the most electrifying moments for Proterra and zero-emission transportation in 2022.

This year we surpassed many milestones on our journey to power a better, more sustainable world. Here is our 2022 year in review:

Year In Review: Batteries

Proterra Powered batteries electrifying over 1,000 commercial EVs

We celebrated a major milestone this year – we’ve now delivered Proterra Powered battery systems for more than 1,000 commercial electric vehicles!

Commercial vehicles like trucks and buses have a big job, but they disproportionately contribute to the transportation pollution that’s threatening our health and planet. That’s why we’re bringing industry-leading battery technology to electrify how our communities work, move and connect.

We’re thrilled to partner with more than a dozen commercial vehicle manufacturers around the globe to transform their medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles into zero-emission electric vehicles (EVs).

Surpassing 30 million Service Miles with Proterra Transit

Proterra Transit reached a landmark mileage count this year – 30+ million zero-emission miles driven by our 100% electric transit buses across North America, demonstrating the unmatched performance of our technology. That’s like making 1,200 trips around the Earth or more than 60 round trip journeys to the moon.

Year In Review: Komatsu

New Proterra Powered Electric Commercial Vehicles Make Their Debut

It’s not just buses that are going all-electric. This year, a number of our Proterra Powered partners debuted an impressive list of zero-emission vehicles ranging from new Proterra Powered electric delivery vehicles to off-road heavy-duty equipment:

Proterra Powered also announced new partnerships to power Nikola’s zero-emission semi-trucks, the Shyft Group’s Blue Arc™ electric delivery van, and EL Dorado National (California) ENC’s second-generation electric transit bus.

Year In Review: Yellow Buses Going Green

America’s Favorite Big Yellow Bus Goes Green

Proterra is committed to ensuring every student has access to clean air and transportation with the support of our partner, Thomas Built Buses.

This year we delivered our 200th Proterra Powered electric school bus. Monroe County, which became the first county in Indiana to introduce electric school buses earlier this fall, was the recipient of this landmark delivery.

This year we also celebrated the start of the largest school bus electrification project in the United States at Montgomery Public Schools – the nation’s largest school district. Montgomery Public Schools installed electric infrastructure at one of its transportation depots and saw the delivery of its first 25 electric buses. The district is on track to have 326 Jouley buses in the next three years.

More Communities Accelerate the Switch to Electric Buses

More communities are choosing Proterra to go electric. Proterra Transit delivered electric buses all throughout the U.S. and Canada this year:

Proterra was also chosen at BC Transit in British Columbia, Canada and Pace Suburban in Chicago, Illinois for their electrification projects – setting the stage for their fleets to become solely zero-emission vehicles.

Year In Review: Vanhool

A Cross-Country Proterra Powered Road Trip

A Proterra Powered all-electric Van Hool CX45E took a 2,524-mile road trip from Winter Garden, Florida, to Costa Mesa, California, using only public charging stations

The CX45E never used more than 65% of the available battery on a given leg of the trip – due in part to the high energy density of the Proterra Powered battery packs that the bus is equipped with.

The trip helps showcase the potential of battery-electric capabilities, as well as the growing charging infrastructure to support long-distance electric vehicle travel in the US.

Becoming the First EV Manufacturer to Achieve Multiple TRUE-Certified Zero Waste Facilities

Sustainability is a core value at Proterra and our journey to powering a more sustainable world goes beyond electrifying commercial vehicles. This year we were recognized for our zero waste efforts by becoming the first EV Manufacturer to Achieve Multiple TRUE-Certified Zero Waste Facilities. Proterra’s Silicon Valley Technology Center in Burlingame, California and East Coast electric bus manufacturing plant in Greenville, South Carolina both achieved TRUE’s Gold-level certification this year for diverting more than 90 percent of all qualified recycling, compost, and reusable materials from landfills, waste-to-energy and the environment.

Charging Up One of The Largest EV Bus Fleets in the U.S. with Miami-Dade Transit

Proterra Energy completed one of the largest fleet charging systems in the U.S. by installing 75 EV chargers across three bus depots at Miami-Dade Transit to support its fleet of Proterra electric transit buses.

With 19 megawatt hours of battery storage capacity and nine megawatts of EV charging power, the project demonstrates Proterra’s ability to offer full fleet electrification technology solutions to commercial vehicle customers

Year In Review: Vta

Clean Energy Meets Clean Transportation in Santa Clara

At the start of the year, Proterra Energy and Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) announced an innovative clean energy microgrid and EV fleet charging system to help power VTA’s transition to a 100% zero-emission bus fleet. VTA will deploy approximately one-and-a-half megawatts of solar on-site via available rooftop space and an overhead carport canopy. The solar PV is paired with a battery storage system that can store four-megawatt hours of usable electricity and one megawatt of peak output power to provide back-up electricity for emergency operations.

For the second summer in a row Proterra Powered electric school buses in Beverly, Massachusetts provided energy back to the electricity grid – this time for more than 80 hours. Showing again how, delivering stored clean energy back to the grid when it’s needed most, electric school buses can help create a more resilient local power system and reduce the dependence on expensive fossil fuel power plants.

At Proterra, we envision a future that’s All Electric. No Emissions. For the Earth. Together with communities around the world, we’re proud to help shape a sustainable, zero-emission.