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Leading The Transition To Clean, Quiet Transportation For All

With 130+ customers across 43 U.S. states and Canadian provinces, Proterra is leading the transition to clean, quiet transportation for all. Together with our transit customers, Proterraregistered technology has displaced 130+ million pounds of CO2 emissions, creating a cleaner environment and healthier communities throughout North America.

Includes publicly announced customers.

Success Stories

Breckenridge Colorado Proterra Electric Bus

“The Town of Breck believes in a couple of really basic things: one’s providing transportation, but the other is sustainability. Having electric buses gets us another step closer to what we’re shooting for, and that’s 100% renewable energy by 2050,” said Mayor Eric Mamula, Town of Breckenridge.

Greenlink Greenville Sc

“This really signifies a new beginning for Greenlink, Greenville County and the City of Greenville. It’s good for the environment, it’s good for our community, and it’s good for our citizens.”

Catbus Video Screenshot 6

“With the electric buses, we have less maintenance costs, of course less fuel costs, less noise pollution, less CO2, all of that. It’s just more efficient in numerous ways.”

Option 3

“SJC is continuing down a green path of enhancing the sustainability of Airport operations. Our travelers will enjoy a more comfortable journey between the parking lots and terminals, while having the satisfaction their zero-emissions bus is contributing to cleaner air.”

Reno Video Screenshot 7 V2 502X318

“Transportation is key to everything we’re doing in this community. You have to build the bones before you can build up the community, and this project celebrates both the history and the future of the community.”

Proterra Success Stories 07

“Over time we’re hoping to notice reduced maintenance costs which will help us on the backend. We currently have 14 electric buses, and long term we hope to have an entire electric fleet.”

Proterra Success Stories 01

“We believe in staying at the forefront of transit, so Proterra’s high performance zero-emission electric buses were an easy decision for us to make. These buses will give our riders and drivers the most modern bus transit experience.”

Proterra Success Stories 02

“It’s my pleasure to welcome these wonderful electric buses here in Shreveport, to make sure that our citizens are exposed to the latest technology in public transportation.”

Proterra Success Stories 03

“As part of our ongoing effort to innovate our student-run transit service, align with student advocacy and reduce our carbon footprint, we take great pride in our decision to go electric.”

Proterra Success Stories 04

“These electric buses have more than delivered on our expectations in terms of cost savings and sustainability. This is the future of zero-emission buses, and we’re proud to be on board.”

Proterra Success Stories 05

“We are very impressed with Proterra’s innovations in providing sustainable transportation. Our nine Proterra electric buses serve our Music City Circuit, which is free to ride for all passengers and offers easy access to many of Nashville’s historic landmarks.”

Proterra Success Stories 06

“I would invite people to come visit us, take a look and kick the tires. I would certainly recommend these electric buses to my counterparts around the country.”

Proterra Success Stories 08

“With Proterra’s electric bus leasing option, we are able to provide a top-of-the-line shuttle service that meets tenants’ commuting needs and Chicago’s clean vehicle goals, while staying true to our own sustainability goals.”

Proterra Success Stories 09

“WRTA’s electric bus fleet is an example of how we are accelerating the adoption of cleaner vehicles to reduce harmful pollutants and promote a more sustainable environment for future generations.”

Proterra Success Stories 10

“Protecting the environmental well-being of our mountain community is paramount, and Proterra electric buses will play an instrumental role in our ongoing conservation efforts.”

City of Union City Transit Division (UCT)