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Top Row Employees

At Proterra, we are proud of the diverse backgrounds of the teams we have. We value these different viewpoints, and we wouldn’t achieve the goal of delivering clean, quiet transportation to communities across North America without each and every Proterra employee.




At Proterra, we’re delivering clean, quiet transportation for all.
That means for everyone.

Building battery-electric vehicles for all people requires building an equitable and inclusive company which mirrors that diversity.

Our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is what’s driving our business forward every day. It starts by ensuring that our workplace, workforce, and industry reflect all the communities we are proud to serve.

To deliver on this important mission, we’re focused on three strategic pillars: workplace, workforce, industry & communities.


Proterra values, recognizes, and promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) as core values at our company.
Our DEI Workplace Affairs Subcommittee serves to implement company policy, culture, and practices that advance these values. The DEI Workplace Subcommittee continually assesses Proterra’s DEI metrics to identify areas where improvement is needed, while advocating for training, education, upliftment, and continual growth, to create a safer and a more equitable workplace environment for all employees.

  • Build an inclusive culture
  • Establish thoughtful policies to ensure an equitable environment
  • Build impact-driven Employee Resource Groups
  • Collaborate with executives and people managers to execute DEI action plans
  • Communicate status, assess impact and iterate as needed
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Proterra is committed to increasing diversity across all teams and management levels by prioritizing underrep- resented groups in recruiting and hiring, and fostering an inclusive environment by investing in retention and advancement for Proterra employees through career growth opportunities.

  • Continue execution on hiring goals and establish retention goals
  • Ensure managers and leaders are equitably developing and advancing diverse talent
  • Build accountability metrics to deliver on our development commitments and hiring goals
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Proterra is dedicated to supporting and celebrating the diverse communities our company serves.
Proterra’s DEI Industry & Communities Subcommittee is taking action and using our platform to build community, partnerships, and trust with external groups that represent diverse populations. Our mission is to model diverse, equitable, and inclusive business practices as we support our external partners, customers, and industry colleagues in championing clean, quiet transportation for all. This includes holding our outside partners and vendors accountable to ensure that diversity, equity, and inclusion are valued across our business relationships.

  • Become a trusted brand with customers, vendors, and the communities we serve
  • Continue taking further action toward our goal of making Proterra an inclusive organization
  • Partner with organizations and conferences to bring in the best, most diverse talent
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Bottom Row Employees