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Public Transit

North America’s Favorite Electric Bus

The transit industry is rapidly transitioning to battery-electric vehicles, with more and more cities across the continent making commitments to 100% zero-emission transportation. Purpose-built to be electric, the Proterra Catalystregistered enables transit agencies to significantly reduce operating costs while delivering clean, quiet transportation to local communities across North America. With the greatest range and efficiency of any battery-electric bus in its class, the Catalyst is designed to serve the daily mileage needs of nearly every transit route on a single charge.

Simplify The Transition To Battery-Electric Vehicles

Proterra goes beyond the bus to offer solutions for public transit agencies to install and manage the charging infrastructure to power electric fleets. Proterra Energytrademark fleet solutions simplify your transition to an electric fleet with turn-key energy delivery for heavy-duty electric fleets, including design, build, financing, operations, maintenance and optimization of the complete energy ecosystem.

More Than 120 Public Transit Customers

In 2018, Proterra delivered more battery-electric buses in North America than any other manufacturer. To date Proterra has helped more than 40 public transit customers throughout the continent implement battery-electric buses and charging infrastructure, powering the shift to 100% electric fleets.


New York, NY


Asheville, NC


Greensboro, NC


Stockton, CA


San Antonio, TX


Santa Clara, CA

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