Thank You to the Leaders of Miami-Dade County

Thank you to Miami Mayor Carlos Gimenez and the Citizens’ Independent Transportation Trust (CITT) for approving the purchase of Proterra electric buses. The delivery of Proterra battery-electric buses will be on the agenda for the upcoming Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners meeting. We commend the Board of County Commissioners for pursuing the deployment of clean, quiet transportation to the community. With your approval, Proterra will deliver the many benefits of EV public transportation to Miami-Dade County and help the county reach its goal to reduce fossil fuel consumption with at least 50% of the county’s buses being electrically powered by 2035.


Clean, Quiet Transportation for Miami-Dade

The Proterra Catalyst® electric bus is 100% electric, with zero tailpipe emissions or pollutants and decreased dependency on fossil fuels. Emissions are reduced by an astounding 229,167 lbs. of CO2 annually each time a diesel vehicle is replaced by a zero-emission bus. Particulate matter from traditional transit buses contains numerous harmful gases and upwards of 40 cancer-causing substances.

Miami’s planned deployment of 33 electric buses, up to 75 buses, will be the largest EV bus fleet on the East Coast. Adopting Proterra Catalyst EV buses will help Miami-Dade reduce local GHG emissions, an important component of the Miami Beach Rising Above Resiliency Strategy and local Climate Action Plan.


The Proterra Catalyst Electric Bus

Designed from the start as an exclusively electric vehicle, the Catalyst delivers exceptional route flexibility and proven operational performance, with the greatest range of any zero-emission, battery-electric bus in its class.


The Proterra Catalyst electric bus has the longest range of any battery-electric bus in its class.

Fuel Economy

Proterra’s drivetrain and propulsion system enables fuel economies of up to 25 MPGe*, offering best-in-class efficiency.


Purpose-built design enables safest battery placement, underneath and outside the passenger compartment.


Battery-electric vehicles have low operational lifecycle cost and with significantly fewer parts – and no liquid fuel or oil changes – switching to an EV bus greatly reduces maintenance costs.

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Proven Performance

  • The Proterra Catalyst vehicle offers unmatched performance, with nearly twice the horsepower of a standard diesel bus and five times better fuel efficiency.
  • With more than 9 million service miles driven in cities across the continent, Proterra vehicles have tackled some of the toughest routes in all climates.
  • Customers, including major cities throughout the U.S., are operating Proterra electric buses in similar hot weather climates to Miami, with passenger loads and HVAC operating efficiently in 95-degree heat.

Proterra Customer Success Stories

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About Proterra

With a vision to deliver clean, quiet transportation for all, Proterra makes zero-emission, battery-electric buses that help fleet operators eliminate fossil fuel dependency and reduce costs.

With industry-leading energy efficiency, proven by rigorous Federal Transit Administration testing, all Proterra® buses are proudly designed and manufactured from the ground up in the U.S.A.

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  • Proterra is proud to have more than 100 customers across 41 U.S. states and Canadian Provinces, leading the transition to clean, quiet transportation for all.
  • Proterra has been breaking records – not just for heavy-duty vehicles, but commercial and personal EVs of all sizes.
  • From buses to batteries and chargers, Proterra has put innovation first and continues to advance  electric vehicle technology to deliver the world’s best performing transit vehicles.
  • At Proterra, we source more than 75% of all materials that make up Proterra vehicles right here in the U.S.