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Important Note

As of February 1, 2024, the Proterra Powered business line will operate as a standalone, independent company within the Volvo Group. Our mission remains steadfastly committed to building innovative battery technology to power a better, more sustainable. The Proterra Energy business line is not a part of the Volvo Group. For questions regarding the Proterra Energy business line, please contact [email protected]

Next-Generation Fleet Charging Solutions

Proterra’s custom EV charging solutions provide fleet operators with a comprehensive set of products to scale their zero emission fleets, paired with Proterra’s decade of charging installation experience. Proterra recommends the ideal fleet charging solution for each project, optimized for usability, physical footprint, power, or cost, matching the customer’s priorities. DC fast chargers range in power from 60kW to 450kW, and exact power is precisely selected to match fleet charging needs.

With Proterra Energytrademark, you can choose the support level that best fits your commercial fleet, whether that’s taking advantage of our fleet planning services, installation assistance, universal charging systems, or a full turn-key solution.


  • Built and staffed to achieve 99.5% availability
  • 3-10 year manufacturer warranties


  • Optimized for space-constrained depots
  • Centralized power modules save space


  • Reduced hardware and installation costs
  • Designed for scale, with opportunity to easily add additional modules

High Power

  • Offered in a range of power levels, from 60 kW to 1440kW
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Large Fleet Solutions

8 or more vehicles, centralized power

Designed specifically to support large, electric fleets, the Proterra 1440kW Charging System is highly configurable and can support up to 24 vehicles simultaneously, and up to 48 sequentially. An optional medium voltage transformer can be integrated directly into the Charging System, reducing the need for an external service transformer on site. Remote dispensers, dynamic power sharing and medium voltage options create significant cost savings and a smaller system footprint.

Proterra 1440 Kw Charging System Fleet Scale

Proterra 1440kW Charging System

Small fleet solutions

Distributed power

Proterra’s comprehensive charging solutions for medium- and heavy-duty fleets include reliable standalone charging systems in a range of power levels and styles. With systems that offer plug-in and overhead options, unidirectional and bidirectional power capabilities, and even the ability to simultaneously charge multiple vehicles from a single system, Proterra chargers provide the flexibility to serve a variety of EV fleets.

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Proterra Industrial Charging System

Dispenser Final 2

Proterra Industrial Charging Dispenser

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Proterra Commercial Standalone

Proterra Charging Systems: Smart, Flexible, Certified


Automated and rule-based charging, bidirectional (V2G) options, and smart charging capabilities


Any standard-based systems are compatible with Proterra vehicles and chargers


Ideal for space-constrained depots, as power modules can be located up to 500 feet from dispensers


Chargers can be installed side to side and back to back for high-density charger banks

Buy-America Compliant

Compliant with Federal DOT Buy America requirements


Certified by third parties: NEC 511, IEEE 1547-2018, ISO 15118; Pending UL 2202, 2231, and 1741 SA