Proterra Drivetrains for Commercial Electric Vehicles

Zero Emissions. Zero Compromises on Performance.

Designed in-house specifically for heavy-duty usage, Proterra’s high-performance drivetrains deliver industry-leading efficiency for the longest range. Proterra Powered vehicles, including Proterra’s electric transit buses, are powered by our popular ProDrive drivetrain and the DuoPower drivetrain, which offer maximum efficiency and effortlessly propel heavy-duty electric vehicles up steep hills. With less moving parts than a combustion engine, Proterra’s electric drivetrains have the added benefit of simplified maintenance for reduced operating costs.

The Proterraregistered ProDrive Electric Drivetrain

Single 240 kW permanent magnet drive motor

Drivetrains Product 3 - Prodrive 2.0 - Square (4 8 22)

The ProDrive is a highly efficient single-motor electric drivetrain purpose-built and tested on the roads for heavy-duty electric vehicle applications. The standard option for the Proterra ZX5 transit bus, this drivetrain offers superb performance and efficiency, enabling up to 22 miles per gallon equivalency (MPGe). That’s five times more fuel-efficient than a standard diesel bus.

ProDrive technology is also integrated into Proterra Powered vehicles, such as the Thomas Built Buses Saf-T-Liner® C2 Jouley electric school bus. The ProDrive drivetrain enables regenerative braking to make the most efficient use of energy and extend vehicle range, while reducing strain on the brakes.

The Proterra DuoPowertrademark Electric Drivetrain

Dual independent 205 kW motors

Drivetrains Product 4 - Duopower - Square (11 24 20) V2

The Proterra DuoPower™ drivetrain is ideal for commercial electric vehicles with more demanding conditions and tougher terrain such as steep hills, extreme weather, or longer routes. Featuring two electric motors, the DuoPower drivetrain provides unparalleled performance, even greater regenerative braking capabilities, and industry-leading efficiency for the longest range.

The DuoPower drivetrain also provides greater horsepower, making it the perfect choice for applications with higher power requirements, such as heavy-duty vehicle routes with hilly terrain. With the DuoPower drivetrain, the Proterra ZX5 has an impressive 550-horsepower and can tackle steep hills with grades up to 27%.

Drivetrain 1
Drivetrain 2
Drivetrain 3 1

High-Voltage System Components for Commercial EVs

Electrifying a commercial vehicle takes more than just a powertrain.

With expertise in designing and manufacturing heavy-duty commercial vehicles, Proterra can do more than supply batteries and drivetrains. The Proterra Powered team helps OEMs seamlessly integrate complete high-voltage systems for any vehicle architecture or chassis, including components such as Junction Boxes, Thermal Management Systems, Telematics Gateways, and Charge Controllers.

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