Proterra ZX5registered Electric Vehicles Achieve Up To 25 MPGe

Proterra’s focus on advancing electric vehicle technology to deliver the world’s best performing transit vehicles has led to the development of a number of impressive features. Chief among these is a drivetrain and propulsion system that enable fuel economies of up to 25 MPGeOperating efficiency will vary with route conditions, vehicle configuration and driver behavior. MPGe calculations based on 3,412 BTU/kWh and 128,500 BTU/DGE from data.. This results in a substantial improvement over conventional combustion engines. Combined with the inherently lower volatility of electricity prices over the life of the bus vs. CNG and diesel fuels, Proterraregistered vehicles offer best-in-class efficiency, reduced operating costs and refined budgeting accuracy.

Fueleconomy 2020

Creating Healthier Communities With Zero Tailpipe Emissions

At Proterra, we’re continually refining designs and looking for innovative ways to reduce impact on the environment. Proterra buses produce zero tailpipe emissions and decrease dependency on fossil fuels. Emissions are reduced by an astounding 229,167 lbs. of CO2 annually each time a diesel vehicle is replaced by a zero-emission bus. Particulate matter from traditional transit buses contains numerous harmful gases and upwards of 40 cancer-causing substances.

A typical diesel bus emits 229,167 lbs. of greenhouse gases annually, while a CNG bus emits 219,083 lbs./year and a diesel hybrid emits 163,286 lbs./year. A switch to zero-emission buses, which emit no tailpipe pollution, presents a critical opportunity to cut pollution, reduce oil dependence and make the world a better place.

To date, Proterra buses have displaced 180+ million pounds of CO2 emissions and 5+ million gallons of diesel fuel. Together we can improve air quality and create healthier communities with clean, quiet transportation for all.

Annual Tailpipe Emissions Graphic With Zx5