Financing Your Electric Bus

Proterra can help you make the transition from fossil fuels to zero-emission electric buses with a variety of financing and funding options.

Financing Graph

Making Electric Easier

At Proterra, we’ll work with you to identify the grant, loan or financing program that best meets your budget needs. Our team is here to find the right combination of financing tools that map to your procurement plans.

Municipal Capital Lease

A generally low-cost financing tool for local governments with investment-grade credits. Offers structured ownership that enables you to own a Proterraregistered bus at the end of the lease term.

Operating Lease

Operating leases allow you to pay for the use of a bus over time, with the option to permanently transition the bus into your fleet.

Battery Lease

A battery lease enables you to buy a ZX5registered for roughly the same price as a diesel bus, putting the operating savings toward the battery lease. Proterra is responsible for the performance of the batteries through the life of the lease, removing operator risk.