Financing for All Your Charging Infrastructure

Proterra can help you make the transition from fossil fuels to zero-emission electric buses with a variety of financing and funding options. We’ll work with you to identify the grant, loan or financing program that best meets your budget needs. Our team is here to find the right combination of financing tools that map to your procurement plans.

Lower Upfront Cost

Proterra can retain ownership of the energy delivery system needed to power your electric fleet, reducing your risk and upfront cost. Customers can choose to invest up front or “pay-as-you-go”, paying for the infrastructure and batteries like they do today for their energy. With Proterra responsible for ownership of your electric fleet’s energy delivery system, your organization lowers its upfront cost and can procure electric vehicles at a cost similar to combustion engine vehicles.

Along with owning batteries and charging systems, Proterra can provide infrastructure upgrades needed for your facility that can be paid for over time, further reducing upfront costs. By collaborating with your local utility, evaluating energy sources, modeling fleet usage and optimizing charging around appropriate electricity schedules, tariffs, and available incentives, Proterra can help you minimize demand and time-of-use charges to enable your organization to take advantage of the best possible electricity rate for your fleet.

Infrastructure Financing

Less Risk, Less Hassle

Proterra will ensure your charging systems and batteries are running optimally and delivering the energy you need, so that your team can focus on normal fleet operations. By transferring the risk of ownership, your organization can also avoid the hassle of applying for and reporting on utility and other incentive programs, environmental credits and other potential funding sources.

Payasyougo Chart

Stable Energy Costs

With Proterra Energytrademark fleet solutions, Proterra can help you avoid volatile fuel prices and expect regular, predictable payments on a schedule that works best for you.