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Important Note

As of February 1, 2024, the Proterra Powered business line will operate as a standalone, independent company within the Volvo Group. Our mission remains steadfastly committed to building innovative battery technology to power a better, more sustainable. The Proterra Energy business line is not a part of the Volvo Group. For questions regarding the Proterra Energy business line, please contact [email protected]

Customized Route Simulation

Experts on the Proterra team will conduct detailed route simulations to help you determine the routes best suited for electrification now and as you scale. With years of route modeling experience and 40+ million service miles of real-world comparative data, Proterra provides best-in-class route modeling, strengthening your confidence in the performance of Proterra® vehicles on your specific routes.

Informed Vehicle Selection

Proterra helps you match the on-board energy storage and drivetrain configuration to your route requirements, total daily mileage and layover options. Carrying up to 675 kWh of battery capacity, Proterra vehicles have the flexibility to serve everything from local circulator routes to longer distance intercity routes.

Energy Services
Fleet Planning Total Cost Of Ownership With Zx5

Cost of Ownership Evaluation

Each fleet operator has a unique set of factors that influences the total cost of ownership of electric vehicles. Proterra’s total cost of ownership analysis is designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of both the upfront cost required and the operating costs to expect throughout the lifetime of your vehicles.

Fleet Modeling

Modeling the charging infrastructure for your fleet starts with an initial analysis and preliminary design of depot infrastructure, using informed data from your route analysis. The Proterra team evaluates your fleet’s daily power needs to determine the most fitting chargers for depot or on-route charging to meet your route requirements. Comprehensive planning enables you to install the optimal charging infrastructure to meet your current and future zero-emission vehicle goals.

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