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Important Note

As of February 1, 2024, the Proterra Powered business line will operate as a standalone, independent company within the Volvo Group. Our mission remains steadfastly committed to building innovative battery technology to power a better, more sustainable. The Proterra Energy business line is not a part of the Volvo Group. For questions regarding the Proterra Energy business line, please contact [email protected]

The Valence fleet and energy management platform includes smart energy management products and services that range from technical assistance to full-service monitoring, management, optimization and maintenance of your Proterra Energy charging infrastructure.

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Optimize Operations, Reduce Costs

The Valence fleet and energy management platform by Proterra is a cloud-based data platform, offering historical and real-time performance information about your battery electric vehicle fleet and chargers, to optimize vehicle and charging operations and reduce costs.

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Real-Time Monitoring

  • Dashboards for real-time data monitoring and fleet tracking
  • Current status for fleet vehicles and chargers
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Data and Reporting

  • Reporting with customizable parameters
  • Vehicles and charger reporting
  • Downloadable data access
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  • Detailed fault reporting
  • Historical and current fault information
  • Troubleshooting information
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Charge management

  • Smart charging capabilities for remote control of chargers
  • Energy management applications
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Easy to use cloud-based portal designed for access anywhere, anytime, on any connected device, without software installation.


Choose vehicle or charger metrics and select the timeframe for data download.


No personal driver information collected or stored in system. Robust data security keeps your fleet information safe.


Big data platform enables scalability to grow alongside your electric fleet and charging infrastructure.


Team of energy, charger, and vehicle experts on hand and ready to help.


Import data into your existing enterprise and ITS systems.

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Energy Optimization

By collaborating with your local utility, evaluating energy sources, modeling fleet usage and optimizing charging around appropriate electricity schedules, tariffs, and available incentives, Proterra Energy can help you minimize demand and time-of-use charges to enable your organization to take advantage of the best possible electricity rate for your fleet.


Charging as a Service

A revolutionary approach, Proterra Energy’s charging-as-a-service solution incorporates the management and maintenance of batteries and charging systems.