The Proterra Catalyst Drivetrain

A Low-Maintenance Motor

Proterra's high-performance drivetrain maximizes power and efficiency to meet the challenges of continuous revenue service. It consists of only two moving parts, a 220kW peak permanent magnet drive motor and 2-speed auto-shift EV transmission, and requires no oil or other liquids. So along with making it remarkably easy and inexpensive to maintain, it weighs in at less than one tenth of the weight of a traditional diesel drivetrain.
Catalyst vehicles are also outfitted with regenerative braking. When the driver takes a foot off of the accelerator, the vehicle slows and the motor runs in reverse, directing energy to the batteries to charge. Braking maintenance is reduced because drivers engage the brake pedal far less--significantly extending the lifespan of the braking system’s parts. With conventional bus drum brakes, parts need replacing every 20,000 miles. With regenerative braking, parts can potentially last 100,000 miles or more, further reducing maintenance costs over the life of the vehicle.

Diesel Motor vs. Electric Drivetrain