Low-Floor Electric Transit Buses

Purpose-built to be 100% battery-electric, the Proterraregistered ZX5 enables transit agencies to significantly reduce operating costs while delivering clean, quiet transportation to local communities across North America. With the greatest range and efficiency of any battery-electric bus in its class, the ZX5 is designed to serve the daily mileage needs of nearly every transit route on a single charge.

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Electric School Buses

Proterra has partnered with Thomas Built Buses to electrify their most popular vehicle, creating a 100% battery-electric bus designed to meet the needs of school bus fleets. The Saf-T-Linerregistered C2 Jouley electric school bus powered by Proterraregistered technology brings Proterra’s proven battery and drivetrain technologies to the North American school bus market, the next frontier for zero-emission commercial fleets.

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Electric Coach Buses

Van Hool, a leading global manufacturer of buses, coaches and industrial vehicles, has partnered with Proterra to introduce the battery-electric CX45E coach to the North American market. The Proterra Poweredtrademark CX45E is an ideal solution for longer distance intercity travel, and is designed to be the most efficient and best-performing long-distance “eCoach” on the American market.

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