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Revolutionizing Transittrademark

The Proterra Catalystregistered Battery Electric Bus

Unmatched Performance

Best acceleration, greatest horsepower, highest MPGe

Longest Range

Up to 329 miles on a single charge

Greatest Savings

Lowest operating costs, zero tailpipe emissions

The Catalyst

Built To Be Electric

Designed from the start as an exclusively electric vehicle, the Catalyst delivers exceptional route flexibility and proven operational performance, with the greatest range of any zero-emission, battery-electric bus in its class.

Proterra Catalyst Models

Catalyst 35 ft.

Energy on Board Up to 440 kWh
Max Range 240 miles
MPGe Up to 25.1
Peak Horsepower 550
Acceleration 0-20 mph 5.6 seconds
Seating Capacity 29

Catalyst 40 ft.

Energy on Board Up to 660 kWh
Max Range 329 miles
MPGe Up to 23.5
Peak Horsepower 550
Acceleration 0-20 mph 5.7 seconds
Seating Capacity 40

Bank On The Savings

Proterra Catalyst vehicles aren’t just clean and quiet. They’re also far more economical than conventional transit vehicles. Imagine not having to maintain an engine, fuel system, cooling system or exhaust system. With Proterra, all that effort and expense is a thing of the past. Combining significantly lower maintenance costs with the stable cost of electricity and exceptional fuel economy delivering up to 25 MPGe, our customers have the potential to achieve over $400,000 in operational savings per vehicle.

Request a Route Analysis

Experts on the Proterra team perform detailed route simulations and total cost of ownership analyses to help you match the on-board energy storage and drivetrain configuration to your route requirements, total daily mileage and layover options. Get in touch with us to request your route analysis and find out which Catalyst vehicle is best for your transit needs.

Find Out Which Vehicle Is Right For Your Routes

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