Proterra Powered Electric Buses, Now in Australia

Proterra has partnered with BusTech to develop the 12.5-meter ZDi, an all-electric transit bus designed for optimal performance in Australia’s demanding climate. Built on Bustech’s integrated chassis platform, the ZDi is powered by Proterra’s advanced EV technology that’s been proven through 20+ million service miles. With 450 kWh of energy storage capacity and an estimated 325 kilometers of driving range, the ZDi offers high-performance, zero-emission transportation that helps transit operators achieve Australia’s electrification goals while providing a superior rider experience.

Bustech Zdi Black April 2021

Clean Transportation

Powered by Proterraregistered battery technology, the ZDi reduces emissions and improves air quality in the communities it serves.

Proven Technology

The ZDi combines proven EV technology from Proterra with Bustech’s demonstrated leadership in electric vehicle product development.

Dependable Performance

Proterra batteries in the ZDi incorporate advanced features such as active thermal management with liquid cooling for optimal charging and maximum battery life in Australia’s climate.

The Proterra Battery

Battery Small


  • Active thermal management software for optimal charging and operation
  • Energy reserve dynamically adjusts over time for maximum performance
  • Sensors throughout pack deliver continuous monitoring and diagnostics


  • Strong and ruggedized materials designed to withstand the toughest conditions
  • Battery architecture features built-in safety mechanisms
  • Rigorous vehicle testing and validation programs for highest standards of safety


  • Compact design enables industry-leading energy density
  • Efficient energy storage enables record-breaking range capabilities
  • Consistent temperature control maximizes battery life in any climate
Bustech Zdi Transit Bus Frame