For clean, quiet and comfortable intercity travel

Van Hool, a leading global manufacturer of buses, coaches and industrial vehicles, has partnered with Proterra to introduce the battery-electric Van Hool CX45E coach to the North American market.

Currently in development, the CX45E powered by Proterraregistered battery technology is an ideal solution for longer distance intercity travel.

The diesel CX45 coach has a proven track record and has become a benchmark coach in its own right in the industry. Integrating Proterra’s proven battery technology in the CX will take this coach to the next level.

– Filip Van Hool, CEO, Van Hool NV

Proterra Powered Van Hool Cx45E Electric Coach 7

Van Hool vehicles

With more than 11,000 Van Hool coaches and buses already operating on North American roads, including a number of large Silicon Valley employee shuttle buses, Van Hool vehicles have a proven record of reliability and support.  When their customers began asking for zero-emissions vehicles, Van Hool chose to partner with Proterra to develop the electrified coach, offering a clean, quiet experience for operators, communities, and riders.

ABC Companies, the exclusive Van Hool distributor in North America, handles sales, distribution and after-sales service of the Proterra Poweredtrademark Van Hool CX45E coach. Over the past three decades, ABC Companies has established Van Hool distribution, sales, parts and service networks within the North American market with locations across the US and Canada.

Proterra Powered Van Hool Cx45E Electric Coach 5 Scaled

Best MPGe

The Van Hool CX45E powered by Proterra battery technology is designed to be the most efficient and best-performing long-distance eCoach on the North American market.

Simpler Maintenance

Electric motors don’t require any engine oil or liquid fuels and have fewer moving parts than combustion engines, making them easier to maintain.

Clean and Quiet

Every diesel vehicle replaced means no tailpipe emissions and better air quality, helping fleet managers meet sustainability goals. Without combustion engine noise, the CX45E also offers a smoother ride and world-class comfort.

Lower Operating Costs

Because electric vehicles are much more fuel efficient than traditional vehicles, have reduced maintenance needs, and electricity typically has a more stable price than other fuels, it’s easier to keep costs lower and transportation budgets more predictable.