The Same Power, Now Off-Road

Proterra and Komatsu are partnering to develop a battery-electric middle-class hydraulic excavator, the first vehicle of its kind for both companies. The Komatsu electric excavator will be powered by Proterra’s proven battery technology to provide cleaner, quieter construction equipment without compromising on performance.

Komatsu Electric Excavator 1 Retouched

Clean Equipment

Powered by Proterra® battery technology, the Komatsu electric middle-class hydraulic excavator reduces emissions and improves air quality in the communities it serves.

Proven Technology

The Komatsu electric excavator combines proven EV technology from Proterra with Komatsu’s demonstrated leadership as a manufacturer of construction and mining equipment.

Dependable Performance

Proterra batteries in the Komatsu excavator incorporate advanced features such as active thermal management for optimal charging and maximum battery life, even in extreme conditions.


The Proterra Battery

In addition to reducing noise and air pollution, the design of Proterra battery packs offers an ideal application for an off-road, construction setting where safety and durability are of utmost importance. Proterra designs its batteries with safety as a core guiding principle, and all Proterra battery packs undergo rigorous testing to ensure they can withstand the toughest conditions, making them an excellent choice for Komatsu and the off-road vehicle market.

The packaging flexibility of Proterra’s battery platform further enables the optimal placement of the batteries within the middle-class excavator and replaces the need for a normal counterweight used to balance the excavator’s hydraulic arm movements.

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