A Dependable Solution for Electric Commercial Trucks

Committed to being at the forefront of vehicle electrification, ROUSH CleanTech and Proterra have partnered to combine proven EV technology and an iconic Ford chassis for an electric commercial truck you can depend on. The next-generation ROUSH CleanTech F-650 Class 6 electric commercial truck will support a variety of end user applications including box trucks, airport GSE, utility truck, shuttle bus, and many more.

Roush Electric Commercial Truck 3

All Electric

The Proterra Powered Ford F-650 by ROUSH CleanTech has a fully electrified powertrain with no tailpipe emissions, creating a more sustainable future in trucking and contributing to improved air quality. With proven battery technology and less moving parts than a combustion engine vehicle, this electric commercial truck also offers lower operating costs and simplified maintenance.


ROUSH CleanTech will integrate its control systems with Proterra’s proven battery technology to leverage Ford’s medium-duty chassis and Proterra’s battery technology for a durable and dependable commercial electric truck. This purpose-built Class 6 electric commercial truck is available in several configurations, with an estimated range of 125 miles on a single charge while supporting an available payload of nearly 8,500 lbs.


Built on Ford’s industry-leading F-650 chassis, the vehicle will be equipped with a ProterraregisteredH Series battery system which is ideal for packaging between the vehicle frame rails. In addition, the companies will collaborate on continued fleet electrification, including charging and an ecosystem of solutions that will make the transition to electric more seamless for fleets.

The goal of our collaboration is to remove any and all barriers to help fleets transition to a cleaner future. It’s clear the market is looking for trusted brands like ours to develop innovative technologies while also supporting the entire lifecycle—from vehicle design and development, to infrastructure assistance, after-sales customer support, and more.

– Todd Mouw, President of ROUSH CleanTech

The Proterra Battery

Designed with safety, dependability and efficiency in mind, the Proterra battery is built with ruggedized ballistic-grade materials and battery architecture that features built-in safety mechanisms.

The compact design enables industry-leading energy density to maximize driving range in medium- and heavy-duty EVs like the ROUSH CleanTech Ford F-650 commercial electric truck.

The Proterra H Series (H1-15) battery pack allows for ease of vehicle design and maximizes space by being installed between the vehicle frame rails.

H Series Proterra Powered Battery Labeled
Proterra H Series Battery H1 15 Double Stack Within Frame Rails