The Saf-T-Linerregistered C2 Jouley Electric School Bus

Powered by Proterraregistered technology

Zero-Emission Transportation for The Next Generation

Proterra has partnered with Thomas Built Buses to electrify their most popular vehicle, creating a 100% battery-electric bus designed to meet the needs of school bus fleets. The Saf-T-Liner C2 Jouley powered by Proterra technology brings Proterra’s proven battery and drivetrain technologies to the North American school bus market, the next frontier for zero-emission commercial fleets.

Zero Emissions

100% battery-electric with no tailpipe, reducing exposure to emissions and improving air quality.

Greater Efficiency

Proterra drivetrain with unparalleled performance and regenerative braking for maximum range.

Lower Operating Costs

Fewer moving parts for simplified maintenance and better MPGe for greater savings.

The Proterra Battery


  • Active thermal management software for optimal charging and operation
  • Energy reserve dynamically adjusts over time for maximum performance
  • Sensors throughout pack deliver continuous monitoring and diagnostics


  • Strong and ruggedized materials designed to withstand the toughest conditions
  • Battery architecture features built-in safety mechanisms
  • Rigorous vehicle testing and validation programs for highest standards of safety


  • Compact design enables industry-leading energy density
  • Efficient energy storage enables record-breaking range capabilities
  • Consistent temperature control maximizes battery life in any climate

Smart Charging Solutions For Electric School Buses

Standardized Technology

Industry-standard charging technology seamlessly connects with your electric buses and other electric vehicles in your depot, on campus, or in your community.

Fast Charging

DC charging enables a full charge in around 3 hours – significantly faster than AC charging alternatives.

V2G Capable

The ability to deliver bi-directional power makes Proterra charging systems Vehicle-to-Grid capable for opportunistic applications.

Turn-key Infrastructure

Proterra offers turn-key installation of your charging infrastructure to simplify your transition to an electric fleet.