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Revolutionizing Transittrademark

The Proterraregistered ZX5 Electric Transit Bus

Unmatched Performance

Best acceleration, greatest horsepower, highest MPGe

Longest Range

Up to 329 miles on a single charge

Greatest Savings

Lowest operating costs, zero tailpipe emissions

The Proterra ZX5

Go the Distance

Electric buses have become more efficient than ever with the Proterra ZX5, the next evolution in zero-emission transit.

The Proterra ZX5 is refined based on a decade of delivering the Catalystregistered — the most popular electric bus in North America. Since 2004, the EV industry has evolved toward full fleet electrification, and Proterra buses have evolved with it. Proterra’s fifth-generation vehicle, the ZX5 electric bus employs the same technology that broke the world record for longest EV range, with a purpose-built platform proven by more than 15 million service miles. The ZX5 features faster acceleration, industry-leading gradability, and the most battery storage on any 40-foot electric bus, offering a range of more than 300 miles per charge.

Now you can make the shift to an electric fleet without compromising on vehicle performance.

What’s New with the ZX5

Refined Body

  • Streamlined roof to accommodate additional battery packs
  • Reduced height to cover even more routes
  • Upgraded lights and windshield for increased visibility

Smoother Ride

  • New shocks for enhanced maneuvering
  • Advanced ride height system for faster kneeling
  • More ergonomic driver area for greater comfort

Built for Scale

  • Enhanced manufacturability for scaled production
  • Greater commonality across 35-foot and 40-foot platforms
  • Additional front charge port for flexible charging setup

Take a Virtual Tour of the ZX5 Electric Bus

Proterra ZX5 Models

ZX5 35-Foot Bus

Energy on Board Up to 440 kWh
Max Range 240 miles
MPGe Up to 25.1
Peak Horsepower 550
Acceleration 0-20 mph 5.6 seconds
Seating Capacity 29

ZX5 40-Foot Bus

Energy on Board Up to 660 kWh
Max Range 329 miles
MPGe Up to 23.5
Peak Horsepower 550
Acceleration 0-20 mph 5.7 seconds
Seating Capacity 40

Charging Times

Bank on the Savings

Proterra ZX5 vehicles aren’t just clean and quiet. They’re also far more economical than conventional transit vehicles. Imagine not having to maintain an engine, fuel system, cooling system or exhaust system. With Proterra, all that effort and expense is a thing of the past. Combining significantly lower maintenance costs with the stable cost of electricity and exceptional fuel economy delivering up to 25 MPGe, our customers have the potential to achieve over $400,000 in operational savings per vehicle.

Request Your Route Analysis

Experts on the Proterra team perform detailed route simulations and total cost of ownership analyses to help you match the on-board energy storage and drivetrain configuration to your route requirements, total daily mileage, and layover options. Request your route analysis to find out which ZX5 vehicle is best for your transit needs.

Find Out Which Vehicle Is Right For Your Routes

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