New Proterra Charging Solutions for EV Fleets

Today, fleet operators are moving beyond EV pilot projects and are transitioning to fully electric fleets. With this shift, the need for electric vehicle charging solutions that can efficiently power large fleets has become more important than ever.

Proterra’s newest line of electric vehicle chargers provides a comprehensive set of products to scale EV fleets. Developed in collaboration with Power Electronics, the new Proterra electric vehicle charging systems are reliable, compact, and cost-effective. These high-power charging systems – available in a range of power levels up to 1.5 MW – also enable simultaneous charging of multiple vehicles from a single charger.

Proterra hosted a webinar on Tuesday, December 8, 2020, to allow attendees to learn about the features and benefits of Proterra’s new charging solutions, see different system configurations for specific applications, and get answers to their questions from EV experts at Proterra.