Industries Making the Move to Electric

With a main focus on electrifying public city buses, Proterra serves public transit customers in communities across the continent. Our low-floor 40- and 35-foot electric buses have become the most popular electric bus for public transportation, so much so that they are now moving into other industries, serving private commercial fleets, airports, universities, national parks and Native American tribes — helping to move people safely, efficiently and comfortably with zero tailpipe emissions. With 17 million miles of experience on the road, Proterra’s proven battery and drivetrain technology is now also being deployed by other world-class vehicle manufacturers in high-floor luxury coach buses and school buses, adding school districts to the list of industries served today by Proterraregistered vehicle technology.

Public Transit

More than 100 public transit customers throughout the U.S. and Canada have purchased Proterra buses built strictly with 100% electric in mind. Our Catalystregistered E2 max set the world EV range record, and the fifth-generation ZX5 continues to be the most efficient zero-emissions bus on the road today. Meanwhile, the Proterra Powered S1LF from Optimal, the first all-electric low-floor cutaway shuttle bus for the North American market, makes public transportation more accessible for all. Proterra has also partnered with Bustech to develop the 12.5-meter Proterra Powered ZDi, an all-electric transit bus designed for optimal performance in Australia’s demanding climate.

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Commercial Transit

Proterra has EV solutions for companies offering transit services and employee shuttles. JLL commercial real estate in Chicago and JTB Hawaii Travel have selected Proterra to provide clean, quiet rides to their customers and employees.

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Airports from New York to Hawaii are making the shift to 100-percent electric fleets with Proterra. Your airport can reduce emissions and provide the most comfortable zero-emissions rides to travelers and employees by integrating Proterra buses into your airport ground transportation fleets.

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Proterra is helping universities reach their sustainability goals while saving operating costs by placing Proterra electric buses on campuses throughout the United States.

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Proterra has partnered with Daimler’s Thomas Built Buses to electrify the iconic yellow school bus. The Saf-T-Linerregistered C2 Jouley school bus powered by Proterraregistered electric vehicle technology brings proven battery and drivetrain technologies to the North American school bus market. With predictable routes and low daily mileage, school buses are perfectly suited for electrification.

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Last-Mile Delivery

Now that industry-leading manufacturer Freightliner Custom Chassis Corporation (FCCC) has partnered with Proterra, last-mile delivery service providers can help clear the air while using the latest EV technology to make on-time deliveries. The all-electric FCCC MT50e Delivery Truck powered by Proterra brings proven EV technology to the last-mile delivery market.

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