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Turn-key Charging Infrastructure Solutions To Simplify Your Transition To Electric Vehicles

One Stop Shop

Proterra Energytrademark fleet solutions can streamline your project by managing your charging infrastructure installation from start to finish. We provide you with a single point of contact for your electric vehicle implementation, simplifying the process for your organization.

In-House Expertise

With extensive in-house experience managing industrial electrical projects, Proterra has installed charging systems for more than 45 fleet operators. We have worked with utilities across the continent to implement fleet charging systems and help customers get the best energy rates available.

Clean, Reliable Energy

Proterra can help you take advantage of clean electricity options in your service area, and work with you to integrate on-site renewable energy at your facility. Our team can also help you set up systems for resiliency, such as on-site generation or backup power with stationary energy storage.

Purpose-Built Charging Hardware

Proterra provides purpose-built high-power charging systems for heavy duty EV fleets, with plug-in and overhead models offered in a range of power levels to accommodate your available charge time, daily range requirements and depot layout. Modular and scalable, Proterraregistered charging systems have dispensers that can be installed up to 500 feet away from the power control systems to optimize space. Proterra charging systems utilize standardized technology, which means your electric buses, utility vehicles and cars can share the same chargers. Bi-directional power flow enables chargers to be smart-grid ready, to maximize the energy management capability of your entire fleet.

Proterra vehicles and charging systems are compatible with standard J1772-CCS Type 1 plug-in charging connections as well as industry-standard SAE J3105 vehicle-mounted pantograph and infrastructure-mounted pantograph systems.


Automated and rules-based vehicle charging


Standards-based, OCPP 1.6 communications protocol-compatible.


Power Control System can be located up to 500 feet from dispenser, ideal for space-constrained depots


Can be installed side-to-side and back-to-back for high-density charger banks

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