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Purpose-Built Batteries for Electrification

Proterra batteries are purpose-built for commercial and industrial applications, proven through 40+ million service miles and 1300+ battery systems delivered to date. Our batteries are designed from the cell level up for commercial and industrial usage and have industry-leading energy density, a flexible design, and ruggedized commercial-grade housing. Designed in Proterra’s Silicon Valley and manufactured in Greer, South Carolina, by the best minds in battery engineering. Proterra battery systems are safe, reliable, and efficient.

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  • Active thermal management software ensures optimal charging and operation
  • Energy reserve dynamically adjusts over time for maximum performance
  • Sensors throughout pack deliver continuous monitoring and diagnostics for faster service

Safe & Durable

  • Strong and lightweight ballistic-grade materials withstand toughest conditions
  • Battery architecture features built-in safety mechanisms
  • Rigorous vehicle testing and validation programs ensure highest standards of safety


  • Compact design enables industry-leading energy density, by volume and mass
  • Efficient energy storage enables record-breaking range capabilities
  • Consistent temperature control maximizes battery life in any climate
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Flexible. Efficient. Proven.

Scalable, Modular Battery Pack Design

A modular design enables customizable battery pack dimensions that can easily be configured to megawatt-hour scale systems that fit within a variety of heavy-duty vehicle platforms. Battery packs are used as building blocks to create scalable energy storage systems. Up to four packs can be configured in series, and 16 can be connected in parallel, to provide a wide range of capacity and packaging options for different types of electric vehicles. Our flexible design enables Proterra® EV batteries to be the best choice for commercial vehicles ranging from transit buses and trucks to delivery vehicles, construction equipment, and more.

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Proterra S Series

The Proterra S series batteries already power medium- and heavy-duty applications on the roads throughout North America. Battery packs in the S series have a width of 860 mm and can contain up to 123 kWh of energy storage per pack.

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WIDTH  860 mm
HEIGHT  175 mm / 340 mm
LENGTH  Scalable up to 2808 mm
KWH RANGE  Up to 123 kWh per pack a
VOLTAGE RANGE  String voltage up to 1200 VDC

Proterra H Series

Proterra designed the H series batteries for commercial vehicles with space constraints that call for a narrower battery pack. Ideal for packaging between frame rails, battery packs in the H series are more compact, with a width of 620 mm and the ability to hold up to 125 kWh of energy storage capacity per pack.

H1 Lo

WIDTH  620 mm
HEIGHT  175 mm / 340 mm / 708 mm
LENGTH  Scalable up to 2808 mm
KWH RANGE  Up to 125 kWh per pack
VOLTAGE RANGE  String voltage up to 1200 VDC

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Every Proterra battery operates with state-of-the-art safety features, including cell-level passive propagation resistance (PPR). With PPR, in the rare event of a single battery cell failure with a thermal event, the issue would not spread to neighboring battery cells. Instead, the defective cell would remain isolated from the rest while the battery pack architecture allowed for proper venting away from the occupant cabin and doorways. This approach also enables a slower, more controlled release of energy over a longer period of time for maximum safety.

Battery Reuse and Recycling

After coming to the end of their useful life in a vehicle, Proterra batteries still retain a significant amount of energy that can be used in second-life applications like stationary energy storage, before the batteries are eventually recycled. Proterra batteries are made with second-life applications and recycling in mind, with pack architecture that allows for a stackable design in storage systems and materials suited for harsh outdoor environmental conditions.

The Proterra battery pack and module architecture also allows for easy separation of components for recycling purposes, allowing for 100% of aluminum used in the battery pack to be recycled. Instead of sending batteries to a hazardous waste incinerator, Proterra works with top-tier recycling companies that specialize in extracting and repurposing materials inside lithium-ion automotive batteries, recovering precious metals used in Proterra batteries.