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Electrifying Your Heavy-Duty Vehicles

The technology and equipment that helped Proterra break the world’s electric vehicle range record is now available to power other medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles. Vehicle manufacturers can partner with Proterra to transform their commercial vehicles into high-performance, Proterra Poweredtrademark electric vehicles.

Proterra has the industry’s best electric vehicle technology for heavy-duty transportation, proven on the roads through more than 14 million miles of service in transit. Coupled with years of experience in vehicle electrification, Proterra is the ideal partner to help your organization electrify its commercial vehicles. That’s why we’re already working with world-class vehicle manufacturers like Daimler and Van Hool to introduce 100% battery-electric vehicles that are Proterra Powered, providing clean, quiet transportation for all.

Your Commercial Vehicle Electrification Partner

When you partner with Proterra to electrify your medium or heavy-duty electric vehicle, our expert team works with you every step of the way to ensure a successful EV program from start to finish. From initial design consulting, engineering services and integration, to service support, training, and charging infrastructure implementation, Proterra offers comprehensive solutions for vehicle electrification. By partnering with Proterra, you can leverage years of experience in electric vehicle engineering and proven operational performance to create the next leading electric vehicle on the road.

Powertrain Technology

Vehicle Design & Integration Consulting

Service & Training

Charging Infrastructure

Sales & Marketing Support

Best-in-Class Electric Powertrain Technology

Partnering with Proterra means your vehicle can be powered by the industry’s best electric vehicle powertrain technology, purpose-built for commercial applications.

Proterraregistered batteries and drivetrains are highly efficient, durable, and safe, enabling the longest range and high reliability for medium and heavy-duty electric vehicles. Proterra also offers high power charging systems that are purpose built for heavy-duty applications and utilize standardized technology for interoperability.


Purpose-built for commercial applications, Proterra batteries have industry-leading energy density, a flexible design, and a ruggedized commercial-grade housing.


Proterra’s high-performance electric drivetrains maximize efficiency to provide longer range, greater acceleration, and simplified maintenance.

Charging Systems

Proterra offers high power charging systems that are purpose-built for heavy-duty applications and utilize standardized technology for interoperability.

Proterra Powered Vehicles

Industry-leading manufacturers such as Daimler’s Thomas Built Buses, Van Hool, and Freightliner Custom Chassis Corporation are already integrating Proterra EV technology into their vehicles. Proterra is here to help you electrify your medium- and heavy-duty vehicle.

Proterra Energytrademark Fleet Solutions

Let our experienced and reliable in-house team put it all together for you. Proterra Energy fleet solutions go beyond the vehicle to help you with charging infrastructure and energy delivery for your fleet. Proterra Energy fleet solutions offer a turn-key approach to delivering the complete energy ecosystem for heavy-duty electric fleets, including charging infrastructure design, build, financing, operations, maintenance and energy optimization.

Are you a vehicle manufacturer interested in partnering with Proterra?

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