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It’s time for clean, quiet transportation for all

Communities are growing and evolving, and with that, our transportation needs are changing. Now more than ever, we need safer, more reliable, and cleaner options. At Proterra, our mission is to build innovative electric vehicle and battery technologies to power a better, more sustainable world.

Proterra is a leader in the design and manufacture of zero-emission electric transit vehicles and EV technology solutions for commercial applications. Since 2004, Proterraregistered technology has been proven through 40+ million service miles in heavy-duty applications.

From our own best-selling transit bus to electric school buses, delivery trucks, coach buses, and shuttles, Proterra battery technology is already powering commercial vehicles from world-class automakers and helping fleet operators reduce emissions while lowering operating costs.

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As major cities convert to 100% electric fleets, Proterra vehicles have become the most popular electric buses on the road in North America. With more than 12 years of experience delivering heavy-duty electric transit vehicles, Proterra has sold 1,300+ buses to 135+ transit agencies across 43 U.S. states and Canadian provinces.

To provide operators with a comprehensive set of products to deploy and scale their EV fleets, Proterra also offers a turn-key approach to delivering the complete energy ecosystem for commercial electric vehicles. In addition to high-power charging systems, Proterra Energy fleet solutions include charging infrastructure design, build, financing, operations, maintenance, and energy optimization.

With industry-leading powertrain technology, proven experience, comprehensive charging solutions, and unparalleled EV expertise, Proterra is the commercial vehicle electrification partner of choice for industry-leading manufacturers, with 1300+ battery systems delivered to date. Renowned automakers with Proterra Powered™ vehicles include Daimler’s Thomas Built Buses, Freightliner Custom Chassis Corporation, Van Hool, Optimal, and Bustech.

Together with our customers, we have prevented 180+ million pounds of CO2 emissions from escaping into the atmosphere and avoided burning some 5+ million gallons of diesel fuel. From our state-of-the-art Silicon Valley R&D lab to manufacturing facilities in Southern California and South Carolina, Proterra is committed to powering the shift to 100% battery-electric fleets and delivering clean, quiet transportation for all. Join our email list of 11,000+ subscribers to receive the latest Proterra updates.

Our History

Dale Behind Wheel Of Bus
January 2004

Creation of Proterra

Proterra was founded by Dale Hill in Golden, CO. Proterra began designing its initial prototype bus.

1 Timeline 2008 Product
November 2008

The EcoRide

Debut Proterra debuted its first bus, the EcoRide, at the American Public Transportation Association’s annual meeting.

1 Timeline 2009 Customers
January 2009

First Proterra Customer

Proterra sold its first three buses in 2009 to Foothill Transit in Pomona, CA.

1 Timeline 2011 Company
January 2011

First Factory Opening

Proterra opened its first factory in Greenville, SC.

1 Timeline 2011 Customers
February 2011

Expanding Sales Growth

Proterra expands sales, landing customers in Texas, Florida, and South Carolina.

1 Timeline 2012 Customer Momentum Wrta
May 2012

Customer Momentum

Customer momentum continued, and Proterra signed its first customer in the Northeast: Worcester Regional Transit Authority (WRTA).

1 Timeline 2015 Productbreakingrecords 1
October 2012

Altoona Testing Passed

Proterra’s EcoRide became the first heavy-duty electric transit bus to ever pass the Federal Transit Administration’s Altoona testing.

Timeline Proterra 9
January 2013

Catalyst FC

Introduction Proterra introduced the Catalyst FC, an electric bus with a fast charge battery configuration option.

1 Timeline 2012 Product
June 2013

50 Buses Sold

Proterra surpassed 50 buses sold.

1 Timeline Ceo
January 2014

Popple Named CEO

Ryan Popple was named CEO of Proterra.

1 Timeline 2012 Customers Kcm
July 2014

Further Validation of ZEV Market

King County Metro, the eighth largest transit agency in the U.S., purchased buses from Proterra.

Timeline Proterra 13
February 2015

Catalyst XR Introduction

Proterra released the Catalyst XR, an electric bus with an extended range battery configuration option.

1 Timeline 2015 Productbreakingrecords 1
September 2015

Breaking Altoona Records

Proterra’s Catalyst model broke several records at the Altoona Bus Research and Testing Center for fuel efficiency, gradeability, weight, and acceleration.

1 Timeline 2015 Company
October 2015

Silicon Valley Headquarters

Proterra transitioned its headquarters to Burlingame, CA.

Timeline Proterra 15
December 2015

100 Buses Sold

Proterra surpassed 100 buses sold as the battery-electric bus (BEB) market expanded.

Timeline Proterra 16
September 2016

Catalyst E2 Introduction

Proterra introduced the Catalyst E2, setting a new industry precedent for long-range battery-electric buses.

Timeline Proterra 33
March 2017

Granholm on Board

Former two-term Governor of Michigan Jennifer Granholm joined Proterra’s Board of Directors.

Timeline Proterra 32
March 2017

Covington Named CLO

Proterra named JoAnn Covington, Silicon Valley attorney, as its first chief legal officer and head of government relations.

Timeline Proterra 34
May 2017

Autonomous Bus Program

Emphasizing safe, intelligent transportation, Proterra began its first autonomous bus program in the U.S. at the University of Nevada-Reno.

Timeline Proterra 24
May 2017

Ard Named CFO

Former chief financial officer of AMG Amy Ard joined Proterra as chief financial officer.

Timeline Proterra 35
June 2017

Advocating Charging Standards

Global charging standardization organization CharIN welcomed Proterra as its first North American EV bus manufacturer member.

Timeline Proterra 39
June 2017

Series 6

Proterra closed $55 Million Series 6 with Generation Investment Management LLP and BMW i Ventures.

1 Timeline Socal
July 2017

West Coast Manufacturing

Proterra opened up its second manufacturing plant in City of Industry, California.

Timeline Proterra 38
July 2017

Proterra in Los Angeles

California Governor Brown commemorated the new Proterra L.A. manufacturing facility.

Timeline Proterra 36
August 2017

First Airport Customer

Proterra broke into the airport market with buses sold to Raleigh Durham International Airport (RDU).

Timeline Proterra 37
August 2017

First All-Electric BRT

San Joaquin Regional Transit District opened the first 100% electric, zero-emission bus rapid transit route in the U.S. with Proterra buses.

Timeline Proterra 17
September 2017

Mileage World Record

The Proterra Catalyst E2 max set the world record by driving 1,101.2 miles — the longest distance traveled by any electric vehicle on a single charge.

Timeline Proterra 19
September 2017

Proterra Partners Win Bulk of FTA Funds

Proterra congratulated the winners of the FTA Low-No grant funding for battery-electric buses.

01 Timeline Proterra Duopower
October 2017

DuoPower Drivetrain Introduction

Proterra introduced the DuoPower drivetrain, enabling the Catalyst bus to have industry-leading gradeability, nearly twice the horsepower and acceleration, and 5x the efficiency of a standard diesel bus.

Timeline Proterra 18
October 2017

Van Hool Partnership

Van Hool selected Proterra for its first all-electric motor coach in the North American market.

Timeline Proterra 30
December 2017

First Federal Agency Customer

Yosemite became the first U.S. National Park to purchase zero-emission buses from Proterra.

Timeline Proterra 29
December 2017

60 Community Customers

Proterra expands sales to more than 60 municipal, university, airport, and transit agency customers.

Timeline Proterra 28
January 2018

Prestigious Award Recognition

Proterra was named in the Global Cleantech 100 and received North American Company of the Year award.

Timeline Proterra 27
May 2018

Expanding Technology Innovation

Proterra introduced new high-power interoperable EV charging technology.

Timeline Proterra 26
June 2018

First Canadian Customer

Proterra entered the Canadian market with an electric bus order from Toronto.

Timeline Proterra 20
September 2018

$155 Million Investment

Proterra closed $155 million investment from Daimler,, the world's largest commercial vehicle manufacturer; Tao Capital Partners; G2VP; and others.

Timeline Proterra 21
September 2018

APEX Introduced

Technology innovation continued with the introduction of Proterra's APEX connected vehicle intelligence system.

Timeline Proterra 22
October 2018

Electric School Bus

Proterra and Thomas Built Buses unveiled the Saf-T-Liner eC2 electric school bus.

Timeline Proterra 23
January 2019

First Electric Buses

Proterra customers deployed the first electric transit buses in service in Hawaii and North Carolina.

Timeline Proterra 24
April 2019

Battery Leasing Program

Proterra scaled the battery leasing program to put Proterra buses at price parity with diesel buses.

1 Timeline 2019 Energy
May 2019

Proterra Energy™ Launch

Proterra Energy fleet solutions was announced, offering turnkey energy delivery for heavy-duty electric vehicle fleets.

Michelin Tires 7X5 1
May 2019

Michelin Collaboration

Proterra announced a collaboration with Michelin to develop the MICHELIN® X® InCity Energy Z tire, a new low rolling resistance tire designed and optimized for battery-electric buses in urban environments.

Proterra Powered Vehicle Electrification Solutions Cover
August 2019

Proterra Powered™ Launch

Proterra launched Proterra Powered™, leveraging Proterra’s high-performance batteries and EV expertise to help commercial manufacturers electrify their heavy-duty vehicles.

Proterra Powered Mt50E Electric Truck Fccc
February 2020

FCCC MT50e Partnership

Freightliner Custom Chassis Corporation (FCCC) announced its collaboration with Proterra to develop the MT50e, a new all-electric delivery truck chassis.

Jack Allen Headshot 7X5 1
March 2020

Allen Appointed CEO

The Board of Directors appointed Jack Allen, previously the chief operating officer of Navistar International, as Proterra's chairman and chief executive officer.

Optimal Shuttle Bus 7X5 1
July 2020

Optimal S1LF Partnership

Optimal Electric Vehicles, LLC (Optimal-EV) announced plans to leverage Proterra’s best-in-class battery technology and charging systems for the development of the industry’s first all-electric S1LF low-floor cutaway shuttle bus for the North American market.

Bustech Transit Bus 1
August 2020

Bustech ZDi Partnership

Bustech, Australia’s award-winning advanced bus manufacturer, announced a new collaboration to manufacture its all-electric ZDi 12.5-meter transit bus utilizing Proterra’s industry-leading battery technology platform.

Zx5 40 Foot Bus 2
September 2020

ZX5 Bus Launch

Proterra unveiled the ZX5, its fifth-generation transit vehicle that touts the longest range of any 40-foot electric bus on the market.

Charger Power Electronics 1.5 Mw
October 2020

New Charging Infrastructure

Proterra unveiled its new, high-powered charging solutions, designed in partnership with Power Electronics to enable the electrification of large-scale vehicle fleets.

Gareth Joyce Headshot 7X5 1
November 2020

Joyce at Helm of Powered

Proterra announced Gareth Joyce, previously Delta Air Lines’ first chief sustainability officer, as president of its Proterra Powered™ and Energy business units.

1000Th Bus Sold 7X5 1
November 2020

1,000th Bus Sold

With Broward County Transit's (BCT) agreement to purchase 12 40-foot Proterra® ZX5™ buses, Proterra marked the sale of more than 1,000 battery-electric transit buses in North America.

La Battery Line 7X5 1
December 2020

LA Battery Line

The opening of a new battery production line co-located in Proterra's EV bus manufacturing facility in Los Angeles County was expected to create dozens of new jobs.

Proterra Greenville Facility Scaled
January, 2021

Proterra Plans to Go Public

Proterra announced that it would become publicly listed through a transaction with ArcLight Clean Transition Corp., a special purpose acquisition company.

Komatsu Electric Excavator 2 Retouched
January 2021

Komatsu Partnership

Komatsu announced plans to use Proterra battery technology for the development of its first electric hydraulic excavator, representing Proterra’s entry into the off-road vehicle market.

Volta Zero On Street 1
February 2021

Volta Trucks Partnership

Volta Trucks selected Proterra as the battery supplier for the Volta Zero, an all-electric 16-tonne commercial vehicle designed for freight distribution in city centers.

Lightning Emotors Electric Commercial Van 1
March 2021

Lightning eMotors Partnership

Lightning eMotors announced a new collaboration to power the Generation 4 Lightning Electric Transit commercial van using Proterra battery technology.

Proterra Powered Battery Stack
March 2021

Redwood Materials Partnership

Redwood Materials partnered to provide recycling services for Proterra, processing batteries past their useful life and converting them into raw material to be used again.

Tbb Jouley School Bus 2021
May, 2021

50th School Bus

Thomas Built Buses (TBB) and Proterra celebrated the delivery of the 50th Saf-T-Liner C2 Jouley battery-electric school bus, which is powered by Proterra battery technology.

Joan Robinson Berry Headshot 3X2 V2
May, 2021

Robinson-Berry on Board

Proterra announced the election of Joan Robinson-Berry, who had recently retired from a 35-year career with The Boeing Company, to the company’s board of directors.

Proterra Goes Public
June 15, 2021

Proterra Now Public

Following the completion of its business combination with ArcLight, Proterra became a publicly-listed company and began trading on the Nasdaq Global Select Market.

Roush Pp Vehicle July 2021 1
July 2021

ROUSH CleanTech Partnership

ROUSH CleanTech announced its collaboration with Proterra Powered in the development of its next-generation Ford F-650 all-electric commercial truck.

Taylor Machine Works Electric Top Handler 3X2 1
July 2021

Taylor Machine Works Partnership

Taylor Machine Works announced a new partnership to power its next-generation ZLC-series electric container handler and ZH-series electric forklift using Proterra battery technology.

Chris Bailey Headshot Oct 2021
October 2021

Bailey Named President

Proterra announced the appointment of Chris Bailey as president of its Proterra Powered and Energy business units.

Komatsu Underground Equipment With Proterra Batteries 1
October 2021

Komatsu Mining Partnership

Komatsu announced a new collaboration to electrify next-generation underground mining machines using Proterra’s battery technology.

Isuzu Citi Volt Electric Bus 12 Meter 1200X800 1
November 2021

Anadolu Isuzu Partnership

Anadolu Isuzu announced plans to power its next-generation Citi VOLT public transportation buses with Proterra’s battery technology.

Gareth Joyce Headshot 1200X800 1
December 2021

Joyce Named CEO

Proterra announced that Gareth Joyce, then President of Proterra, would succeed Jack Allen as Chief Executive Officer, effective Jan. 1, 2022.

Karina Franco Padilla Headshot
December 2021

Padilla Named CFO

Proterra announced that Karina Franco Padilla had been appointed Chief Financial Officer, effective Jan. 1, 2022.

Proterra Battery Factory In Sc 1
December 2021

SC Battery Factory

Proterra announced plans to open a new EV battery system manufacturing plant in South Carolina to produce battery systems for Proterra Powered customers.


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